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Valens means creative, valens means strategy, it means everything associated to do with advertising and apparently, there was " A great Roman Emperor" by that name, too. We are a group of creative strategists out to create a digital revolution.Valens is synonymous with powerful strategy, creative ideas and concepts which are handled by a set of innovative professionals. Our goal is simple, to get the best ROI for our clients. We believe in market strategies that generate strong impact through Digital marketing, brand identity design, AD networks and events.


We put companies and brands on the map. We advertise, market and run ROI based campaigns that in turn increase business or visiblity.

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We design and develop fluid websites. We design php based, HTML/CSS based and CMS based websites for all brands nation-wide.

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We organize and execute on ground events. We organize and plan mall, school, coporate and launch party events.

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Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand and drive more relevant traffic to your website?


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